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This is a collection of commissioned pieces designed and created for a specific customer.  As such, they are not available for purchase, but may suggest ways to incorporate our art into your life.  We can work with you to create something just for you that is similar to the style or image you have seen here, or create a new image for you in a size, shape, or color to fulfill your needs.    We look forward to hearing from you.  

The Old Window Space Dilemma

During a remodel, a window was eliminated.  Upon finding the exterior siding was no longer available, we were faced with the challenge of how to make it look OK.  The obvious solution the installation of a mosaic.  The only downside is that the location does not let as many people see it as should, but we are quite happy with the results.

Underwater Garden - Homage to Klee
stained glass mosaic, 33" x 33.5"

 The Green Gecko Coffee Project
This mosaic was made for the office building of Green Gecko 100% Kona Coffee and Allenby & Associates architecture.  It incorporates the logos of both businesses. It measures approximately 6' x 6'.  Kathleen constructed it in the studio and transported to the site in 4 sections for installation and grouting.

Green Gecko Coffee/Allenby & Associates
stained glass mosaic, 6' x 6'

The Kitchen Backsplash Accent Project

When beginning a major kitchen remodel, Kathleen was asked to create some backsplash accents.  Working with the samples of the stone and countertop for color coordination, and the customer's request for a sun/swirl theme, Kathleen designed these pieces for her approval.  Since the customer lived half an ocean away, the pieces were created in the studio and shipped over for installation by her tile guy.

In Buffet area
stained glass mosaic

Near sink area
stained glass mosaic

Phone niche
stained glass mosaic

The Wall Accent Projects

This Ichtheus was created by Kathleen to fit the space above the front door.  The same image has been re-created for other customers with different size requirements.

"Ictheus" I
stained glass mosaic, shown 6" x 48"

Kathleen captured a moment in time in this acrylic piece working from a vintage photo.  Ask her about giving your memories new life as well.

"Three Sisters"
acrylic interpretation of a vintage photo

First Impressions

A customer had seen the Honu Petroglyph mosaic at a gallery. He then contacted me to create a similar piece but to add the name of his home.  This was to be hung by the front door to welcome guests.  The name means "Long Swim House", so named because of the distance he traveled to make Hawai'i his home.

***photo coming soon***

Bill worked with Virginia to combine several of his images into one stunning piece for her lanai.  She can view it from her kitchen window as she looks out to the ocean beyond.

 The Muddy Path Project
A customer came to us for help in solving a "muddy path" dilemma occuring between his lanai and garage.  We designed a series of stepping stones in a bamboo design that connected visually through the entire span of the walkway.  Problem solved.

Jim's 18 Stepping Stone Path
stained glass and concrete

The Kitchen Cabinet Inserts Project

During a new house build, we were asked to create inserts for 4 kitchen cabinet doors.  After much consultation with the customer we designed a series of island florals each incorporating red.  Bill created them as stained glass panels in the studio and installed them on site.

"Coffee Cherries"
stained glass cabinet door insert

stained glass cabinet door insert

stained glass cabinet door insert

stained glass cabinet door insert

The Bathroom Vanities Project

During a much needed bathroom remodel we decided it was an opportunity to enjoy our own work!  Kathleen came up with these unique countertop mosaics to coordinate with the tile choices we made.

Master Bath Vanity
stained glass mosaic

Hall Bath Vanity
stained glass mosaic

Personalized Images 
Here are a few custom pieces honoring favorite animals or special places.  Ask us about having something designed from your photo!

Animals We Know and Love

stained glass panel, 10" x 11"

stained glass panel, 8.5 x 11.5

stained glass panel

stained glass panel, 10.5 x 12.5

Places to Remember

Bill wanted to start a series of stained glass panels of local landmarks.  It has been well received and he has since been asked to re-create the following church to commemorate weddings and celebrations that occurred here.


"St. Peter's Chapel"
stained glass, 14" x 24"

The Waimea Arts Council, a non-profit organization, is fortunate to be housed in the historic corner of Waimea.  They use the former firehouse (the right side) as gallery space , and the firemen's attached bunkhouse (left) as the offices and meeting room for the Council and for community education purposes.  Bill created this panel of the building for one of the exhibitions held there.

The Firehouse Gallery
A Project of the Waimea Arts Council

The Yard Accent Project

A customer wanted a personalized set of edger stones to be used in her pool area.  She and Bill discussed options and we came up with this adaptation of one of his designs.

Accent Edgeing for Pool Area